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US and World History PowerPoint and Keynote (for Mac and iPad) Presentations

US History PowerPoint Presentations
Complete US History course on 33 PowerPoint presentations. Common Core versions are now available.
Now available in Keynote format for Mac computers and iPads. (iPad Users only: Please read this before ordering.)

World History PowerPoint Presentations
Complete World History Course on 25 PowerPoint presentations.
Now available in Keynote format for Mac computers and iPads. (iPad Users only: Please read this before ordering.)

Government PowerPoint Presentations
5 US Government PowerPoint Presentations covering the origins of government, major institutions.

US Map Set
Part Census maps, part historical maps, this 36 map internet delivery set enhances map reading skills.

New US History PowerPoint Presentations aligned to the Common Core

We have added Common Core versions of all 33 US History presentations. Each presentation features. two lesson plans fully aligned to National History and Common Core standards. DVDs also include the standard version of the PowerPoint presentatons. Standard versions can also be purchased without the Common Core versions.

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Classroom History Games
Motivate students to learn about history by involving them in historical events and allowing them to make decisions.

Image Libraries
Over 3,500 images on each disc, including primary source documents, charts, graphs, photographs, maps, political cartoons, and art.

Historic Film Collection, Pre-1910-2000s
Each of the four parts contains hundreds of historic newsreels, government, business and other films. For PC and Mac computers.

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What teachers say about us:

  • "I teach in an Alternative school in Texas that specializes in credit recovery. Multiple subjects are being taught in my room at all times and I am preparing kids for their Exit Level TAKS test simultaneously. We deal with many students who are often low performing or they have very limited background knowledge. Regardless of their backgrounds or their futures, all of them learn in "alternative" ways. Many of them need to see the same material in multiple formats in order to learn facts and apply them. ESL (English as a Second Language) learners need visuals in conjunction with other lessons to aid their learning. These lessons have been a Godsend! I have been able to assign students to their own computers and know that they are getting great information without my constant attention. The students will argue about who gets to use the programs next! They have all commented that the pictures, videos, and recordings help them connect to the historical data. The lessons attach people and relationships to facts and dates. The thought provoking nature of the presentations lead the students to higher order thinking and an understanding of the future consequences of our current national decisions. My favorites so far are Great Depression, World War II, and Civil Rights Movement." - Marci Chapman, High School Social Studies, The Wilds of West Texas
  • "I teach history at two local community colleges, and every semester my students comment how much they love the PowerPoint presentations and games we play in class. I have used your product as the foundation (which is rock solid) and insert or expand a few ideas of my own. I tell my students who plan on becoming future teachers who you are and how they can obtain your products. Using your work as a model, I just built an entire course on Latin American history. I use your powerpoints Mesoamerican and Andean Civilizations and The Conquest of Mexico as a starting point and continue with my original work up through the revolutions in the 19th century." - Dean Smith Harvard, Illinois
  • "I teach United States History:1877 to the Present at South Pike Senior High School in Magnolia, MS. This course is SATP (Subject Area Testing Program) and it is essential for the students not only to pass but to excel in subject matter as reflect in their scores. The PowerPoint presentations that I have used from Multimedia Learning have helped my students obtain a better understanding of the subject matter. The PowerPoint's are full of graphs, maps, and political cartoons which are all essential in excelling on SATP. As educators we know students learn in different ways and I believe that incorporating PowerPoint presentation that are well organized and structured will promote learning. One thing that I enjoy as well as my students about the PowerPoint presentation is using them in conjunction with the interactive board that give the student the opportunity to be more active in class."- Kenneth Evans, South Pike Senior High School, Magnolia, MS

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Social Studies Lesson Plans, Social Studies Games, US History Lesson Plans, World History Lesson Plans:
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